Connecting Fans and Brands Through Mobile

Largest beacon network continues to grow

Simon Malls Partners with Mobiquity Networks to aggressively expand the world’s largest mall-based retail beacon network. Expanded network will encompass 240+ premier malls, 200+ million monthly shopper visits and over $20 billion in monthly retail spending.

We Are Mobiquity Networks

We’ve developed one of the largest consumer-focused beacon proximity networks on the planet. Come join us.

Powering a Brick & Mortar Renaissance

Retailers & Brands hire Mobiquity Networks to access our platform, location and proximity-based data to maximize hyper-local mobile engagement with their “fans”.

Bigger Data / Smarter Data

Big Data companies utilize Mobiquity’s network - and the rich stream of proximity-based information it creates - to make their data smarter.

The Right Place, The Right Time

Our integrated suite of leading-edge location-based mobile marketing technologies allows our clients to deliver a more personalized and contextually relevant experience, driving brand awareness and revenue.

The Network You Need

We deliver the nation’s retail shoppers. Our exclusive, mall-based network currently covers 100 premier mall properties and is expanding to 240+. The expanded network will represent approximately 200 million shopper visits and approximately $20 billion in retail spending per month.

What We Do

Mobiquity Networks is an advertising technology company focusing on connecting fans (consumers) and brands. We have built the nation's largest retail-centric beacon network, currently installed in 100 top malls in premier US markets. Expansion plans already in place will expand the scope of our network to 240+ malls. We are iBeacon compatible, and can work with both iOS and Android operating systems.

Our expanded footprint will touch over 25,000 storefronts, and is populated by approximately 200 million monthly shopper visits that represent nearly $20 billion in monthly spending. Mobiquity is working with brands, retailers and relevant 3rd party mobile apps to leverage the enormous marketing potential of our new technology and network.

Our Team


Michael Trepeta

Co-CEO. Michael has led the industry in developing proximity marketing technology-based networks in the US. A Cornell University grad, Michael has extensive foundational experience in the financial sector, product development and startups.

Dean Julia

Co-CEO. A Hofstra University grad, Dean has deep experience in early-stage funding of technology & life sciences businesses. Dean co-founded Mobiquity after a successful career in the finance industry, where he was involved in the funding of numerous startup ventures.

Paul Bauersfeld

CTO. Paul brings over 20 years of executive IT experience spanning venture capital and Fortune 100 companies. An engineering graduate from RIT, Paul has participated as either founder or advisor in a number of IT startups that realized successful exits.

Sean McDonnell

CFO. Sean has been a CPA for nearly 25 years following graduation from Dowling University. As a private practitioner, he helped numerous companies manage growth and acquire financing, and has been guiding Mobiquity since 2005.

Sean Trepeta

President. Sean’s dynamic telecommunications career began in sales leadership, and ultimately led to co-founding a major telecom reseller organization culminating a successful exit via acquisition in 2006. A SUNY Cortland grad, Sean has co-founded and advised a number of technology-based startups.

Jim Meckley

CMO. An experienced entrepreneurial leader, Jim has managed startup marketing and business development in industries ranging from industrial minerals to mobile technologies. A Cornell University grad, Jim has broad experience in M&A and strategic management.

Our Technologies


Mobiquity strategically deploys our proprietary devices across physical locations to create mobile engagement networks. Advantage : Mobiquity. To ensure that we can interact with as many fans as possible - using their preferred communication method. We’ve integrated Bluetooth Beacon, Bluetooth Push, Wi-Fi, QR and NFC technologies.


Our network has integrated a number of core services to engage with nearly 100% of the mobile market. Mobile phone purchases are rapidly shifting to smart phones, but a significant percentage of the US market (approximately 45%) still uses feature phones. We believe this segment is too large to ignore, and our platform is able to engage these consumers.

Campaign Management

The Mobiquity team has been managing location-based mobile campaigns for over a decade. Our cloud-based platform is time-tested, easy to use and makes content & campaign management a simple process.

Data Capture & Reporting

Savvy marketers are hungry for data. They test campaign results with different content and strategies, and do whatever they can to customize the message for each client. We believe that smart data is the key to effective and efficient marketing. We measure each engagement. Every message delivered via our platform is logged and reported in real-time via our customizable cloud-based campaign dashboard.

Open Network

Mobiquity has deployed the largest mall-based beacon network in the world. Expanding to 240+ Malls, 200+ million monthly shopper visits & an average of $20 billion in monthly purchases. We cover 22+ top DMA’s, over 3,000 unique retailers encompassing more than 25,000 total storefronts – a powerful national footprint that delivers an affluent demographic.

Re-Imagining In-Store Retail

Harness the power of real-time micro-location data & create entirely new possibilities for in-store customer engagement by leveraging the Mobiquity Network in your store. Our powerful mobile engagement platform enables you to raise the bar for personalized customer service, deliver hyper-relevant offers, activate customer loyalty programs and maximize the potential for in-store conversion.

Private Network

If you are looking to create amazing mobile consumer experiences and to transform your app into an indispensable shopping tool, a private in-store, on-campus or in-venue network is the key to making it happen. The future of in-app engagement will be crafted through the intelligent melding of personalization, preferences, transactional history and proximity-event driven data. We can help you pull it all together to make your customers say…wow!

Contact Us

Our networks are powering a seismic change in the way brands interact with their fans using mobile.

Perhaps you’re a business seeking to create a whole new level of mobile “fan” engagement, or maybe you like what you see, and are interested in joining our team.  Either way, drop us a line…we’d love to discuss how we might work together.

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