• Location based audiences: e.g. devices who have been to
  • MacysCampaign Attribution: footfall attribution based on real-world visits to store locations
  • Locations Data Feeds: raw data to power apps or other services locations metrics
  • Footfall and Path reporting: for financial and commercial real-estate organizations.

Mobiquity Networks utilizes all the location sensors built into a mobile device: GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and motion sensors. To classify as a verified visit a device must have triggered an enter location event (GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), had a set amount of accuracy to the location event and dwelled at the location for a set amount of time. A typical definition of a verified visit would be a device that was seen at the location in the last 30 days, dwelled at the location for a minimum of 10 minutes and had a high degree of accuracy.

  • Massive Scale: 15MM+ Unique Devices
  • Proprietary Data: exclusive owned & operated network of beacons in 95% of class A malls In the USA provides indoor location for 30-40% of major retail locations
  • Data Density: 50+ data points collected per user/day
  • Spatial Precision: 85% accurate within 30 or less feet
  • Verified Visits: frequency and dwell time in store utilized to determine real consumer visits
  • Diverse Data: in over 60 mobile apps that utilize precise location
  • Privacy Compliant: all user privacy is 100% compliant and transparent

All data provided by Mobiquity Networks is deterministic with a high degree of accuracy and precision

All Mobiquity Networks data is first party supplied by our SDK installed within dozens of class “A” app partner’s apps. First party data is the most valuable and accurate that can be collected from an SDK

A location data insights and marketing company. We provide accurate and precise location on millions of mobile devices to help marketers and researchers better find and understand their audiences

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