Shining A Light On Beacon Misconceptions

Posted By Jeff Hasen On September 16, 2014 @ 9:42 AM In Ad Networks, Wireless | No Comments Merriam-Webster describes a beacon as “a strong light that can be seen from far away and that is used to help guide ships, airplanes, etc.” In 2014, it could revise the definition to include a piece of […] Read More

Beacons Score: Results Start to Come In

Even though retailers have been talking about and testing beacons for many months, this is just the tip of the massive beacon iceberg. Beacons are going to be big because they’re starting to drive results. In the opening keynote at the annual MediaPost OMMA mCommerce conference in New York yesterday, Ryan Craver, SVP and chief of […] Read More

Simon And Mobiquity Technologies To Expand iBeacon Network Nationwide

Simon And Mobiquity Technologies To Expand iBeacon Network Nationwide, Creating Opportunity For New Level Of Connection Between Shoppers And Retailers Mobiquity’s iBeacon solution enables location-aware content and personalized engagement between consumers and their favorite brands while shopping at the mall INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Simon, a global leader in retail real estate, has announced the expansion […] Read More

Mobile internet revenue to hit $700B in 4 years, growing more than 300% (report)

Mobile revenue will jump more than 300 percent in the next four years, hitting $700 billion in revenue by 2017, according to a new report by Digi-Capital. No, that’s not all gems in Clash of Clans. In fact, most of the growth will be in mobile commerce, which Digi-Capital says will hit $516 billion. Consumer apps will account for another $74 […] Read More

Chatswood Chase reveals customer insights from iBeacon trial

Sydney-based retail mall reveals why it is expanding its investment into the geolocation technology as a way of gleaning better customer data and insight. Adopting iBeacon technology across Chatswood Chase mall is opening the door to better customer engagement thanks to its combination of data insight and real-time, targeted communication. Speaking at the first BI […] Read More

A beacon to the future. How Apple has enabled Minority Report shopping

In the movie Minority Report), Tom Cruise’s character is personally greeted by a virtual assistant as he enters a clothing store after cameras scan his retinas and identify him (incorrectly, but that is for other reasons). Apple’s iBeacons It turns out that there is a much simpler way of identifying people and personalising retail experiences and […] Read More

Everything You Need to Know About iBeacons

Beacons could soon become a retailers’ best friend, by helping them collect consumer data and interact with shoppers. The location-based technology can be used to trigger features on customers’ smartphones, including targeted coupons, store maps and hands-free payment options. How Do Beacons Work? Beacons are small wireless devices that constantly broadcast radio signals to nearby […] Read More

How better Wi-Fi will help Burger King sell more burgers

  Burger King’s in-store Wi-Fi upgrade has big implications for how quick-service chains not only plan to better control mobile payments, but also create in-restaurant game and content retail powerhouses. Burger King’s new technology — dubbed Whopper Wi-Fi — is powered by AT&T, and the burger chain claims that it will use the network to […] Read More

Mobiquity Technologies Releases Mobile SDK for Beacon Network

Mobiquity Technologies has announced the release of its SDK designed to allow retailers and brands to access the company’s Mobiquity Networks’ Bluetooth LE Beacon network. Mobiquity Networks says it already owns and operates the nation’s largest location-based, mobile advertising Bluetooth network in shopping malls, which supports Bluetooth LE Beacon technology. According to the company, installation […] Read More

Mobile Marketers Walk a Tightrope With Smartphone Ads

Campaigns on personal devices must intrude — but not too much Chris Morris For many people, no piece of hardware is more personal than their smartphone — so anymarketing targeted at that device has to be done with extreme caution. SEE MORE: From the April 01, 2014 issue of Variety Push too hard and you’re being invasive, […] Read More