Unique and Exclusive Data

Exclusive In-Door Data
Mobiquity has installed beacons inside several hundred class “A” malls, premium outlets and cinemas in the US. These locations represent 30-40% of major retailers stores. Without this data, your location analyses will be incomplete.

First Party Data
All our data is first party, pulled directly from our SDK integrated into partner apps and built to provide the highest degree of location accuracy.

Location Data at Scale
With over 15 million monthly active users (MAU) your audience will be at the scale you need to meet your needs

Unprecedented Accuracy & Precision
Our platform uses all signals available including GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and beacon signals. This provides the highest accuracy possible.

Deeper Insights via Dwell Time & Frequency
Our analysis of how often a user visit a location and how the time they spend there makes sure our data represents consumers’ offline behavior and intent.

Intelligence Platform
Our platform uses a machine learning to analysis a user’s history and better understand location and intent.


We are Committed to User Privacy

  • We do not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • All information is stored using non-identifiable Advertising ID.
  • We only process data from users who shared location with our partner apps
  • Our partner apps provide a clear and simple opt-out service
  • We only work with clients adhering to the highest industry standards
  • See our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Opt-Out