Use Cases

Mobile Advertising & Attribution

A brand runs a campaign targeting users that have visited their stores and then determines if their ad drove traffic.


Foot Traffic Measurement

Count the number of people in a specific location and provide insights regarding home, work and everything in between.


Autonomous Cars

A predictive model forecasts human traffic patterns on streets to better car safety algorithms with movement data.


Real-Estate Developer

A new development site is chosen based on foot traffic and car movement data. 


Financial Services

An alternative manager correlates store visits to stock performance based on footfall traffic. 

  • Huge Scale
    1 in 6 Devices
    50M unique USA devices
  • Dense Data
    data points per day
  • Frequent Views
    days per month per device


Data Network
Via our proprietary SDK or direct first party feeds a network of high quality mobile location data.
Blockchain Technology 
Allows for the storing and sharing of location data in a secure, transparent and accountable ways 
Data distribution 
Search engine and data feeds for blockchained location data to meet needs of all use cases
Location Analytics
Most apps and data licensors lack the resources, technology or money to be able to analyze massive amounts of raw location data. Mobiquity Networks solves this with a series of advances search and tools to do the capture and analyses for partners, saving them time, money and resources while providing advanced and actionable analytics.

Location Signals
  • GPS
  • Wi-Fi
  • BLE Beacon
  • Other
1. Location input from all device signals
Data Sources
  • Universal SDK
  • Direct
    Server-to-Server Feed
2. App SDK or Direct Server Feed analyzes, filters and send signals to platform
Blockchain Technology
3. Output put into Blockchain to provide Security, Transparency & Accountability
Location Data Platform
4. Platform manages data to allow clients to view insights and distribute
Data Uses and Distribution
  • Advertising
  • Out-of-Home
  • Attribution
  • Traffic Measurement
  • Real Estate
  • Financial Institutions
  • Municipalities
  • Other
5. Multiple data packages allow for multiple revenue streams

Both providers and users of location data have a problem. For providers there is no accountability for the use of the data they provide. For users there is no accountability on the source and quality of the data. Blockchain solves this by providing data suppliers full transparency in the usage and ownership of their data and providing data users full transparency on origin of the data they purchase.